MOB was formed by a group of women who were in the unique position of having only sons and no daughters. They were the only females in their house. Of course they adored their boys and would never swap them for a daughter – but they were also slightly jealous of friends who were invited to fun events like mother daughter fashion parades or morning teas or, to rub salt into the wound, father son fishing weekends – none of which they were invited to!

So as these Mothers of Boys chatted on the sideline at a footy game, the momentum built and they started their own unique event – an annual lunch to celebrate being a mother of only boys and all the wonderful and varied challenges involved with growing boys into great men. From there it grew and Mothers of Boys is now formalised as an Australia-wide charity with DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status from the Australian Tax Office.

MOBs are the only females in a house full of testosterone, surrounded by huge food bills, where at a moments notice a broom turns into a jedi sword, you can be shot by a piece of toast that has been chewed into the shape of a gun and where Lego pieces are always (painfully) scattered on the floor.  Piles of smelly football boots prevail, passing wind and burping are practiced at Olympic sport level and where we have little chance of ever getting a visit to a toilet due to an apparent gene dictating males need to sit on toilet seats for extended periods of time! And….loving it….we love our boys, but sometimes MOB’s just love a bit of girl time and spending time with other women who are in the same boat.  Sometimes we don’t feel all that appreciated, so sometimes sisters just have to do it for themselves and so we’ve formed MOB as an organisation where we can celebrate together and support each other and do some community good at the same time.

We raise money at our fun and girly events for other charities, which are relevant to our MOB’s (and the boys and men they love). Recipients of funds we’ve raised in our 15 year history include Red Rose Foundation, Abused Child Trust, Pathways to Resilience, Child Development Network, Mater Hospital, BrainChild Foundation, The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation – Bivacor, Project Now, Aunties and Uncles QLD, Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Roses in the Ocean and Orange Sky Laundry.

If you are a MOB (with no daughters), whether you have 1 boy or 8 boys (or even more – Heaven forbid), so long as you have only boys, register here so we can invite you to our next fun event.